SAT to host AFW Expo 2018 Hua Mark Indoor Stadium

Under the auspicious invitation of the Sports Authority of Thailand, the Asia Fitness & Wellness Expo 2018 will be hosted at the Hua Mark National Indoor Stadium in Bangkok during the earlier dates of 27-29 September, headlined as ‘AFW Expo 2018 Powered by SAT’ with official government support.

The Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT), by request of the acting Governor Mr. Sangvien Boonto, have for the first time extended their full endorsement to host an international trade exhibition at their venue with the extensive support of industry, the 77 regional offices of the SAT, over 30 trade Associations, coupled with the extensive international support and following of the exhibition.

The invitation to stage Asia Fitness & Wellness Expo 2018 at the Hua Mark Indoor Stadium, previous held at BITEC, supports the initiatives of the new government policies for sport to include the Sport City programme, a 20 billion Baht growth target for sport and fitness over the next year and the         pro-active support of all the related trade Associations, providing a unique platform for companies to embrace the tremendous government and commercial opportunities in Thailand and the region.

The new timing of the event embraces the planning and schedules of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, the Sports Authority of Thailand’s promotional initiatives, the international schedule of the various supporting trade Associations and the regional buyer groups from throughout Thailand and the region. The announcement of the inaugural hosting of AFW Expo by the SAT co-insides with the appointment of the new acting Governor and provides a new level of support and co-operation with government and industry alike.

New for AFW Expo 2018, aside from the dates and venue, will be the full schedule of competitions, workshops, live celebrity performances, plus national and international qualification contests, international pavilions and the ‘Healthy China 2030’ co-operation programme. The exhibition will be staged inside the Indoor Stadium at Hua Mark and the Sponsors Zone will line the main foyer of the venue with a range of activities and outdoor exhibits in the Competition Arena at the main entrance to the Indoor Stadium.

AFW Expo 2018 Powered by SAT, will be the most important fitness, sports and wellness event in Thailand and the only international regional event dedicated to trade and consumer audiences with the full support of government, the national and provincial departments of the Sport Authority of Thailand and the full representation of national Associations and sporting institutions.

Organised by Asian Exhibition Services Ltd., in partnership with the Sports Authority of Thailand, the event is established as the only sports and fitness event with full industry and government endorsement in Thailand.

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